Opera for the kids – Max and Moritz – Digital Flagstad 125

Opera for the kids – Max and Moritz – Digital Flagstad 125

A children’s opera in «7 pranks». The story is about a naughty boy who only makes mischief and who gets what he deserves in the end!

The New York Opera Society ordered the chamber opera Max and Moritz from the reknown Norwegian composer Gisle Kerndokk. Øystei Wiik has written the libretto. Long before Tom Sawyer, Dennis the Menace, or Calvin and Hobbes, there was Max and Moritz. Experience the high-spirited pranks (all seven of them! ) and the moral conclusion of one of Germany’s most beloved children’s stories, written by Wilhelm Busch and published in 1865. Those familiar with Der Struwwelpeter (Shaggy Peter) and the Tales of Hoffman will appreciate the black comedy of two naughty boys and the havoc that follows their wake in a quiet agrarian village.

A big thanks goes to the New York Opera Society who has produced this performance and who lets us show the opera during the Kirste Flagstad Festival 2020.

A Digital festival

The Kirsten Flagstad Festival will be ONLINE this year, and will thereby be an INTERNATIONAL festival. We will make Kirsten Flagstads 125 year jubilee available for the entire opera world! We celebrate one of the world’s most  famous sopranos, who was called “ The Voice of the century”. For those who do not know, Kirsten Flagstad was born in Hamar July 12th 1895.

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Kirsten Flagstad 125 years anniversary

On July 12th 2020, it will be 125 year since Kirsten Flagstad was born in Hamar. This has to be celebrated despite the current strict rules and in a society which is partly shut down. The Kirsten Flagstad Festival does also celebrate a 15 years anniversary in 2020. Due to this, it was not an option for us to cancel. We will hereby welcome to this year’s DIGITAL festival. In addition we will welcome you to a drive-in-Opera at Hamar Airport, a festival service for a few in Hamar Church, and opera for children where we can have live audience. You may purchase tickets to a concert in Hamar Theatre at Thursday June 18th and another concert in Hamar Cultural House at Saturday June 20th. The rest of our varied programme will be sent directly to you digitally.

Our partners and sponsors

Kirsten Flagstad Festival will thank all our sponsors and partners:
OBOSSparebankstiftelsen HedmarkSparebank 1 ØstlandetInnlandet fylkeskommuneHamar kommuneHamar Arbeiderblad and Avis.
We have been given an extra grant from the county council on occasion of the jubilee, which we are immensely grateful for.