From Villemann and Magnhild to Richard Wagner

From Villemann and Magnhild to Richard Wagner


– an adventurous musical journey for the entire family.

Hamar Mediveal Festival and Kirsten Flagstad Festival invites you to a family concert in Hamardomen! This will be a unique concert experience with music from the middle ages and classical songs with themes from the same era. Storytelling will bind the musical pieces together to a journey where the audience will be presented the most beautiful melodies and arias. Tone Østli’s childrens choir will sing famous midaeval ballads, Carnardus Horribilis will play mideaval music on authentic instruments, and Tone Østli, Ingunn Kilen and Dagfinn Andersen will provide the classical numbers. Dorina Komani accompanies at the piano

County Governor Knut Storberget will undertake the official opening of this year’s Kirsten Flagstad Festival.


Ranveig Nordbryhn, Renaissance recorder, crumhorn, raushpfeife and vocals renessanseblokkfløyter, krumhorn, rauschpfeife og vokal
Anja Christine Boman,Renaissance recorder, crumhorn and vocals renessanseblokkfløyter, krumhorn og vokal
Rune Erling Pedersen, percussion and drums
Aleksander Haugen, viola Lacuna
Terje Mentyjærvi, guitarra Latina
Pål Isdahl Solberg, bouzouki
Tone Østli, soprano
Ingunn Kilen, mezzosoprano
Dagfinn Andersen, baritone
Dorina Komani, klaver

The children’s choirs Poco a poco, Amabile and Vang church children’s choir. Dirigent Tone Østli.


Will be announced at a later date

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