Gullrekka – Golden Highlights for all

Gullrekka – Golden Highlights for all

A gala evening filled with operatic gems in Kirsten Flagstad-salen at Hamar kulturhus. Our brilliant soloists will together with the choir Damenes Aften and conductor Erland Dalen take the audience on a journey into the world of opera. During the evening we can guarantee plenty of high notes, a great atmosphere and a strong possibillity of some acts providing real operatic drama. Mjøsmusikk will be our orchestra for the evening.


Siri Kval Ødegård, soprano
Thomas Ruud, tenor
Jørgen Backer, baritone

Damenes Aften with conductor Erland Dalen


Olaf Aasen, violin
Mons Michael Thommesen, violin
Ingrid Marie Haverstad, violin
Johannes Skyberg, violin and viola
Kaja Aadne, cello
Steinar Haugerud, double bass
Tori Erlien- Årva, flute and piccolo
Jan Bertelsen, obo and cor anglais
Morten K. Jota, clarinet
Roger Andreassen, piano