Kirana – The children’s opera project

Kirana – The children’s opera project

Kirana means starlight in Sanskrit. Kirana’s storyline is based on myths from different ancient cultures: China, India, Mesopotaia and Babylon.

This is a unique performance for and with children. The cast are children from Stange, Løten and Hamar Culture School and dancers from PS Dance and TILT. The show contains music, dance and art made by the children themselves, with assistance from Ruben Zahra and his team from Malta. This will be a spectacular performance for the whole family.

See a video of Kirana here

Creative team and Cast

Ruben Zahra, composer
Stephen Gatt, technique
Tricia Dawn Williams, piano
Therese Slob, choreograph
Rolv Olav Eide, percussion
—waiting on name of actor.

Art pupils
Dance pupils
Music pupils
(The names of all the children will come)

An extra big thank you goes to everyone who has been helping with this project at the Culture schools of Løten, Stange and Hamar!

Marian Skutlaberg, Hamar kulturskole
Morten Kristiansen Jota, Hamar kulturskole

Mona Djuphagen Flyen, Stange kulturskole
Karin Eng Rusten, Stange kulturskole

Margrethe Nordmoen, Løten kulturskole
Ernst Harstad, Løten kulturskole

Our thanks goes to Ina Irene Inman Tjørve for the translation, and to Rune Kristian Haugen and Jan Terje Walman from Hamar Kulturhus for all their help!