Saturday Opera at Gregers «Pearls on a string»

Saturday Opera at Gregers «Pearls on a string»

This Saturday there will be opera galore at Gregers. The arias will be performed as «Pearls on a string». – A concert with well-known opera arias and ensembles performed by students form the Opera Academy in Oslo.



Elizabeth Balfour, soprano

Helena Schuback, soprano

Tina Tuven, soprano

Kaia Rullestad, soprano

Amadea Donaji, soprano

Eldrid Gorset, soprano

Kristina Borge, soprano

Christina Jønsi, mezzosoprano

Maria Dale Johannessen, mezzosoprano

Gustav Hasfjord, tenor

Per-Kristian Ruud-Enggrav, tenor

Joris Grouwels, baritone

Olesya Tutov, piano


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